Murphy's Outlaws

Our History

Founded in 2001

Columbus School for Girls founded FIRST Robotics Team 677 in 2001, making us the third all-girl team in FRC history! We are currently the second-longest-running all-girl team in FRC. Our workspace is hosted by the Ohio State University in the Center for Automotive Research, providing us with not only a build location but with engineering students as mentors.

Our Mission

Dedicated to Empowerment

As an all-girl team, we are no stranger to the term Steminism! Our mission is to inspire young women to pursue male-dominated fields such as STEM. We encourage all team members to be confident in the fact that they can do anything they set their minds to! Additionally, we encourage the team members to engage in FIRST values both inside and outside of robotics.


Murphy’s Outlaws is divided into two main categories: Mechanism and Controls. These are our Component Design Teams (or CDTs), whose functions are to ensure that our robots get done quickly and efficiently. Mechanism’s focus is on building the chassis and the actual mechanisms of the robot, while Controls focuses on the software and hardware. There are also several subteams, including Drive, Outreach, Media, Business, Spirit, and Awards.

2020 Season Leaders

Captain: Katrina D'Arms '20

Junior Captains: Ella Feinberg '21, Alison Zheng '21

Controls: Parker Hearst '21, Evelyn McCarthy '22

Mech: Fu Xiang Maynard '20, Baillie Breckenridge '21


Our 2020 Season Team!


Alex Rodgers '21


Outreach is very important to our team! The purpose of our outreach activities is to empower and to inspire. We find it especially important to extend our mission of empowering minorities in STEM. Additionally, we love to inspire youths to find interest in STEM. We’ve even built two robots exclusively for outreach events!

Organizations We've Reached This Year

COSI Science Festival

YWCA Family Center

Ronald McDonald House

Maker X at the Ohio Expo Center

And more to come!


2016 Dean's List Finalist Award

Nash Keyes '17

2012 Dean's List Finalist Awards

Jessica Greer '13

2008 Woodie Flowers Award

Elizabeth Carruthers

2006 Judges Award

@ Buckeye Regional

2004 DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award

@ NASA/VCU Regional


2020 Media

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